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I Celebrate You

Happy day friend!!! How are you!? Thanks for stopping by! It’s still Women’s History Month, and tomorrow’s International Women’s Day, and I’d like to again congratulate women: The daughters, sisters, aunts, mothers, grandmothers, single parents, women all around the world, and those etched in history books. Thank you for all of your hard work as… Continue reading I Celebrate You

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Simply N: Happy Walk

Hello!! ☺️☀️ Sparkle says hi too! We went for a little walk while the sun made a happy appearance. I wore a greyish-off white cardigan from Plenty, spaghetti strap body-fitting shirt (acts perfectly as a bodysuit), and girlfriend jeans with black leggings under. Quickly slipped on my slip-ons from Lexie & Abbie (you can find them in… Continue reading Simply N: Happy Walk

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Oscars: Which One Do You Like More?

Okay so I watched The Oscars just like some of you did. And I took photos of my favorite frocks, or ones I considered for a little friendly discussion. Most celebs wore something shiny-gold, sheer, and classy,  as the “it” colour seemed to be gold. A lot of sparkle showed up on that Oscars red… Continue reading Oscars: Which One Do You Like More?