Shuswap Part 1


I went to Shuswap Lake for three days. While looking out unto the serene lake, I quickly remembered how valuable Mother Nature really is. Thank you Mother, you give me true peace and serenity.


These little rowboats are available to use for everyone. I think I might take one for a tranquil “ride” on the lake. I don’t think that I’ve ever tried one out before! Wish me luck haha…


My outfit: I was going for a simple, light colored Boho chic outfit. Here I’m wearing a flowey white shirt with white flowery patterns on it, and some flared grey colored pants.


Loreal Paris Pop Balm lipstick in Fiery Red. Seriously, this lipstick adds a pop of color to any kind of clothing!

SHIRT: American Eagle, boho chic. Light and airy for the summer.



These pants from Express are comfy, high-rise and have a little bit of a flare to them. If you’re going for that professional yet relaxed fit, go for something similar as this.




Shoes: Ardene

These sandals are colourful and summary at the top. They’re also inexpensive and don’t last as long, however I do like their look so I’ll continue wearing them.


OPI plum colored nail polish. Chic, classy and goes well with practically any color, though this is my fav pop of color for pastel colored clothing because it truly makes the polish stand out more.


Anyhoo, see you guys next week, most likely on Wednesday for Shuswap part 2. I’ll be posting another outfit with some pics of the wineries out here. I’ve never been to a winery before, have you? I’m looking forward to experiencing something new haha.

Hope you’re having a splendid weekend friends!





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