Art Knapps: Flowers & Clothes

Hello hello,

Sorry for not posting yesterday as promised, WordPress was acting up on my cell and ipad, not really sure what was going on? Anyway, here I am today, writing to you about a little gem of a store that I found in Port Coquitlam!! Firstly, I believe it’s important to support one another as a community, hence, and secondly, I’d like to share with you a little store that I found pleasantly surprising, with focus on garments. Art Knapps is all about flowers & plants, trees- yes real apple trees and so on, meets fashion and home decor. But what got me the most enthused is that at first, I was thinking that I’m going into a gardening store, but then I quickly realized that there are a bunch of clothes there too. The fashion is actually trendy and chic, and not to mention, some of the handbags there are eco- and animal friendly, for their vegan approach to fashion aka Pixie Mood.

So take a look below for some of my favorite items and visit the store here:


Upon entering the store, you see little plants and flowers, then to your left is the handbag section. These are now going for 30% off too!


Okay, so this is the Pixie MoodJanine crossbody bag that I fell in love with. This crossbody looks different for it’s bold flowery pattern and humane approach to fashion, and in this case, different is very good! I’m still thinking if I should come back and get it? At the store, I wasn’t able to find the price, and I didn’t dare ask because you know, I’d talk myself into buying it somehow lol, so it’s just better not to know. However, I did find the price for you, and it’s going for… $75. Not bad. And, I keep telling myself, wouldn’t it feel great to buy a vegan handbag?! Lol.


The clothes aren’t simple gardening clothes, there are cute denim shorts and other shorts in a variety of colors, which are now all on sale for $25; and then you have simple tees and dresses in bright and pastel colors.


This was my favorite find! I love simple shirts! This one’s comfy too. The print is hilarious as well. Do you agree, “fries before guys?” I dunno about you, but I have a slight (well maybe more than slight) potato- anything – addiction…


There’s also the same shirt with the “Vodka made me do it” saying lol. Tea/ coffee mugs as well. Speaking of mugs, that “coffee now” one in the back is making me crave coffee, like, now. Eeeep!!


Okay, so I just had to put this little necklace on here, for all the teachers like me, who really give their all to their students. I love all of my students, thanks for everything guys.


Though things aren’t cheap- cheap at Art Knapps, these Crocs are perfectly girly and durable for gardening, camping, beach-ing, pretty much for anything active that involves our rainy Raincouver days. What do you think?


$54 for the brown sandal Crocs.


Well, I’m going to end my post with these very interestingly unique GFF flip-flops. Have you seen such a thing before? These flip- flops have fake grass on the heel, so when you put your foot in it, it should feel like you’re walking on grass. At the store, there’s a non-pink pair for guys, and this pink one for girls. Of course, you can wear any color that you want, obviously. To be honest, a macho guy wearing some pink is quite a charming statement!!

Check out the GFF flippies here:

See you guys on Wednesday for my fashion. I’ll be in the photos that time wearing somethin’- somethin’. I’m also going camping this weekend, so I’ll be posting about that on Monday afternoon, so be sure to come here on Wednesday and Monday!


Nargiza. 🙂


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