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Hi guys,

thanks so much for popping by! Hope you like this outfit that I quickly put together before going out for dinner. I love matching neutrals with a pop of color, in this case a glam, sparkly, and not to mention, inexpensive, Costa Blanca jacket!!

I always tell everyone, if you’re not comfortable wearing a crop top, wear high-rise pants/ jeans/ leggings with it, then it will look like a one- piece. Now, to pull the one-piece (when it’s not a one- piece) look, you need to make sure that you’re wearing the same color or one rule of thumb is to match it with neutral colors. So, for example, if you don’t have a top the same color as your choice of bottoms, then wear, say, a red crop shirt, with high-rise white pants. Though it won’t look as matchy- matchy as my look above (because I stuck with the same one-toned color), it’ll still give your chosen attire that one- piece appearance!! And remember, have fun with it!

Glam jacket: I’ll be honest though, this jacket is quite “old,” but Urban Outfiters carries similar style, and the same brand. Also, has a lot of Costa Blanca clothing as well!

Crop top & Talula High-Rise Leggings:

Shoes (pumps, abut 4.5 inch):


Have a good week + weekend, I’ll be posting a new blog on Monday, instead of Sunday, at brunch time!

Make sure to check my Facebook, and Instagram pages for updates on when new posts are coming out!! 🙂




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