Camping & Fashion


My shirt: Wilfred

My shorts:


My faux leather jacket:


Shoes are from ALDO. I def. feel like I scored on these ones because they look unique and most importantly, they’re comfy. http://www.aldo.comimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

I love the slit in the back of this shirt, perfectly breezy for those warm, sunny days.imageimageimage

Have you guys been camping to Chilliwack? There’s so many creeks, and of course the Chilliwack river itself. I absolutely love the river rapids in Chilliwack because there’s always a spot where you can go camping, put your camping chair in the shallow parts of the river and just sit back and relax with a beer in one hand. I went camping during the July 8-10 weekend, and even though it was a rainy one, I still enjoyed hanging out with my hubby and friends, and relaxing by the river. My favorite part was at night, when all of us went to bed inside our tents, and listening to the hard rain drops falling quickly on our tarp covering the tent. It was the most magical and serene sound. I feel like I slept like a baby.

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