Filming Outfit


Hey guys!! How are you? How’s it going with your Pokemon hunting? Lol jk… Sort of. Anyway, I had a really good time this weekend, relaxing with friends and family, then filming on Sunday! How was your weekend?

So on Sunday, I wore this outfit (in my pictures, above), for a fundraiser that I filmed for Vancouver TV. I’m excited to see the final result- All episodes air on SHAW channel 4. Back to the outfit: I decided to wear something flowy and not body hugging. It was quite hot outside so I needed to feel a breeze, which means avoiding any skinny jeans/ jeggings, etc. You know the drill…

🎽The SHIRT: If you want a flowy crop like this tank top, make sure you stick with a size smaller than you usually wear because I find the sides to be loose. I’m wearing one in X-Small.

👖The PANT: This Wilfred pant is made in Japan and of good quality. The white bow in the middle adds a nice dressy touch to any ensemble.

👟The SHOE: Aldo’s sparkly pair of loafers are breezy and cute. Not to mention, not the usual boring pair of shoes!!

Keepin it simple and dressy!

See ya guys next time!! Check my FB or Instagram for updates on my next post.☺️





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