Simply Ready at Vandusen


My outfit:

Dress: I love how it’s classy, not body hugging but not still has a nice flow to it that sits well when worn. Love the slit in the middle.

Moto Cotton Jacket: I have had this jacket for several years now and it still looks brand new. Reminds me of a cool marching band attire or the Michael Jackson Thriller jacket!! This is a perfect jacket to wear with any dress or skinny leg jeans.

Shoes: These Calvin Klein shoes are comfy but slightly big on me haha. Honestly, I think I bought this pair at Winners about a year or two ago.

Wristlet Pouch: I didn’t do a close up of it, it’s just an all black Coach wristlet.


Hi friends!!!

During the weekend, I went to Vandusen Botanical garden, and it was truly beautiful. When you enter through the hall, to your left is a nice little gift shop filled with tea cups, other knickknacks and summary flowers! Now to your right is a little cafe where you can sit and enjoy a nice cup of coffee, some food and the green and flowery scenary. What’s right in the middle? The entrance to the actual botanical garden. Go inside, and your mood’s quickly transformed into a peaceful and content aura. I hope you enjoyed my photos of some parts of the garden, as I didn’t get to see all of it.


Let’s enter the little gift shop:


No gossip allowed, only happy things… When drinking tea.


What a cool, “nature” chair/ night table/ corner table! I want this unique gem.


I’m not even joking, the hubs and I have been looking for these simple but bright flowers in multiple flower stores, but little did we know that they are just happily chillin’ at Vandusen Botanical garden ha ha!! We didn’t buy these though, as we already bought some other cool purple flowers a couple of weeks ago.


Neat idea. Need a tree?


* * *

See you guys next week, most likely on Monday!! God bless🙏




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