That Sweater & Colour

No matter how much money that we may have, we are quite curious, in awe of- and aware of aesthetics surrounding us. Whether in the natural environment, thanks to Mother Nature, or in the more aesthetically human-made one, we see it all: That beautiful sculpture, the eccentric painting, or the oh-m-g overtly decorated food dish... Continue Reading →


The Hopeful TV Host

I remember the day that I didn't win the Ms. Vancouver pageant, or for that matter, any other kind of single- winner type of competition throughout my life. At first, I would have that feeling of disappointment, a sudden knot in my stomach and throat, because in that moment on stage, when my name isn't... Continue Reading →

Fall Colors

Hi friends, Do you ever wonder what colors are trendy or not, per season? Or do you wear your clothes and colors depending on how you feel when you wake up, or what clothes are actually clean lol, what the weather is like, and then you put on your clothes? Or, is everything pre-planned beforehand,... Continue Reading →

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