Button-Down Fall


Blouse: http://www.ca.diesel.com ($250+, but I got it at Winners for approx. $50). Score!

Shorts: http://www.ae.com

Sandals: http://www.aerosoles.com

Bag: http://www.rag-bone.com (The only expensive item here- my gift). 🙂


Hello!!! How are you? Fall is starting and it’s so exciting to see some change in the overall appearance of our Canadian nature! Of course I’m truly going to miss the summer heat of the sun’s rays on my body, that feeling of utter warmth and vitamin D doesn’t hurt either haha. However, in Fall there’s a chance to drink some hot beverages (Starbucks’s Pumpkin Spice latte anyone?) and cozy on up wearing some warm clothes.

Now, in these photos, I’m wearing a loose boyfriend style fitted blouse/ button- down from Diesel fashion. I love that it has a masculine appearance to it. But what I love more about it is that it’s long which means, perfect for both warm cooler days. Why? Well, the shirt’s long, so in accordance to jeans etc., the shirt can also be paired with leggings for Fall and some cowboy style (or not) booties. Wearing leggings with a long top such as this one, is a nice way to look fashionable without it being too casual because it creates an allusion of tights instead of the sportier ladder in leggings, equaling to classy chic! But, for warmer days like today, you can wear a blouse like this with some shorts!! The blouse is long enough to hide the shorts, making it cute and flirty. For the day, I paired it with these black Aerosoles sandals; and for the evening, you can switch to booties with some heel. Voila! You’re done.

See you tomorrow for more fashion. Thanks for stopping by!!





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