Fall Colors

Hi friends,

Do you ever wonder what colors are trendy or not, per season? Or do you wear your clothes and colors depending on how you feel when you wake up, or what clothes are actually clean lol, what the weather is like, and then you put on your clothes? Or, is everything pre-planned beforehand, in which case how do you plan out what to wear? What about those curious creatures like me, the ones that are usually wondering if the colors are truly important to note and for each season? For example, should one wear white after Labour Day, or even care? Do you wear more earthy tones such as orange and magenda colors for Fall? Finally, what are the trendy colors for this Fall 2016 season?

For the curious in you, see my short but concise list below. Again, I apologize in advance for not including photos, as stated in one of my previous posts, I don’t want to use any photos that I find, well anywhere, because they are not my property to begin with. Hence, I have compiled a reader’s list of trendy Fall 2016 fashion colours, for your pleasure, below:

Velvet reds, greens. Snake color greens too, actual faux or not (hopefully fake) snake skin pattern is on clothes and bags alike. I’ve found some interesting joggers and pants at Top Shop, scroll through for all types: https://m.topshop.com/en/tsuk/category/clothing-427/trousers-leggings-4075710/N-8c0Zdgl?currentPage=3

Earthy tones are always a hit for Fall, such as browns, dark reds, orangy tones. The good thing about brown tones, is that they can be extended for winter too, whereas orange is more of a pop kind of coloration, which doesn’t suit the easygoing and cold winter days. But again, to each their own.

I have also noticed a lot of couture fashion shows including colours such as dark yellow, and gold tones! Sparkly, sort of metallic- dark yellow toned jackets, pants, and more were seen throughout the fashion runways too. This happy yet relaxing on the eye color is probably my favourite color trend for this Fall season.

Dark plum and violet colours are a great way to mix and match with other darker tones too! Love the color’s bold yet calming effect too.

When it comes to dark plums, reds, and green tones, take a look at inexpensive, Joe Fresh’s attire: https://www.joefresh.com/cart/Categories/Women/New-Arrivals/c/10008

See you guys next week on Monday!! Hope you liked my little list, I’ll be posting more on Fall trends throughout this upcoming season!


Nargiza 💛


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