That Sweater & Colour

No matter how much money that we may have, we are quite curious, in awe of- and aware of aesthetics surrounding us. Whether in the natural environment, thanks to Mother Nature, or in the more aesthetically human-made one, we see it all: That beautiful sculpture, the eccentric painting, or the oh-m-g overtly decorated food dish that we’re scared to eat because it looks too good lol. One may argue that the feelings we get from looking at a beautiful piece of art are the same as when we browse through clothing racks, or just fashion pieces, and runway shows in general. From seasonal trends and the regular everyday wear, differences within fashion such as colour, material, cut, style, are all essential for the overall presentation and expression. Today, I’m going to jib-jab a little about Fall, the importance and non- of seasonal colour, including photos of my Fall outfit below.

Though I’m not obsessed with certain trends or wearing specific clothes, accessories based on season wear or style (as I usually wear my go-to’s and colors such as white, if that’s considered – colour, and pastels or darks), I can’t lie and say that I’m not aware of it at all! I do question whether a bright coloured shirt in the Winter season is okay to put on, or if it’s too summary for the cold Winter. And no, I’m not discussing pajamas or sportswear, as any color works for those, for any day and any season lol! But, sometimes, just like you, I just don’t care! I have to get ready quickly and without thinking much, I put something on and just go. Ah, the complexity and simplicity of a human lol.

Today, however, I did care. I chose my attire based on the season. For one, it’s cooler outside especially in the morning. I looked at my closet and chose based on the warmth of the material, and the mix-and-match of colours that are neutral and Fall ready. I figured that it’s now officially Fall and so my attire should represent it, also because it’s fun to dress “differently” in comparision to Summer. So before going for my walk with my doggie Sparkle (yes, I named her lol), I was somehow drawn to this mossy-yellow cardigan sweater that hung in my closet for a while. Instantly, I remembered that yellow tones and snake-green, mossy colourations were seen all over on the couture runway shows for Fall 2016. But, I didn’t originally choose this sweater based on its colour and whether it was trendy or not, but of course after, I did put two-and-two together and somehow it got me slightly excited to have found this piece, and to have a chance to turn it into something fresh and new! You can see me wearing this Mercer & Madison sweater in the pictures below.

The cardigan sweater is a little too warm to wear now, but it’s definitely perfect for the oncoming cooler days of Fall. To feel some breeze, I paired it with a simple cropped white tee, allowing room for breathability. I like white and mossy-yellow together, as the colours are simple and don’t clash. Also, because the colours aren’t overtly girly, and that’s why I’ve always liked yellow, white, and neutrals overall, in that they are unisex colours. I also did want to make the entire outfit a little more relaxed and current (sometimes woven tops/ sweaters/ cardigans can give off too much of an old school vibe). So what can be more relaxed than some boyfriend/ girlfriend jeans? They’re already baggy, and these AE jeans have holes in the front giving it that extra chic look that I was looking for! Add some heel to your shoe, any simple bag, and you’re ready! I envision myself strolling along a park, with my hot cup of coffee in hand, happily grinning with complete cozy and fresh goodness!



Cardigan Sweater: Mercer & Madison
70% acrylic 15% wool

T-Shirt: Talula
60% cotton 40% Modal

Jean: Super Super Stretch Tomgirl x Cafe 52% cotton

Shoe: Expression

Bag: H&M


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