Turtlenecks, Cardis, Scarfs- ?

Halloween is not even dunzo yet, yet many are already thinking about Winter and the holidays such as Christmas and with it, the new year! What I value the most about the winter holiday season is spending time and connecting with my loved ones as we all live such busy lives. Though the holidays are... Continue Reading →


A Happy Path

As a TV host, interviewing others brings joy to my heart! But it wasn't always like this as I had to alter some routes to arrive to this happier destination. I will never forget how often my intuition kept telling me not to continue in a job, a friendship, a certain environment. Whatever discontent scenario... Continue Reading →

A Tighter Fit

The best thing about pairing black-on-black colours in clothing is that two different pieces can be made to look as one. For instance, in this outfit that I'm wearing, can you see, quickly and visibly, a black coloured skirt? Just by looking at these photos, I would say, not instantly. Underneath the skirt are tight... Continue Reading →

Wool Bag, Boho Chic

Thanksgiving is a time for family and thanking- to feel and affirm our blessings in everything and everyone in this life. It is also a time to ponder about all the things that we have achieved and continue to do so, as everything is an adventure and lesson. Though I haven't lived for a long... Continue Reading →

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