Wool Bag, Boho Chic

Thanksgiving is a time for family and thanking- to feel and affirm our blessings in everything and everyone in this life. It is also a time to ponder about all the things that we have achieved and continue to do so, as everything is an adventure and lesson. Though I haven’t lived for a long time, I have learned a lot and am thankful for my adventures. In this context, I’m thankful for this little blog of mine and with it, you guys! Blogging has been a safe haven for my thoughts and I’m thankful to share and spend my energy connecting with you all. Speaking of which, what did you do on Thanksgiving? Hope you were surrounded by love and happy thoughts, as always. ❤

I celebrated with my family, by having two Thanksgiving dinners. I felt blessed, happy and carefree. In that moment, it was a sense of spiritual freedom and contentment in knowing that the days ahead are comforting and relaxing, also filled with much chatter! But before going out that door, to the said dinners, I wanted to dress up a little, to celebrate. Yes, this is a fashion blog after all ha ha, so lets quickly get to the clothes, below, of course with pictures. But simply, I wore based on how I felt.

I ended up wearing a flowy, white coloured, boho type shirt from AEO. This shirt’s so light and airy, I absolutely love it for its purity in colour and its breezy flow. I paired it with some black coloured, not tight but loose pants, as I wanted to remain relaxed, and nevertheless polished for dinner. Don’t black pants usually feel dressy & classy? Then, I threw on my faux leather jacket to add a little chic flare, that carefree grundge appearance. But my favorite piece would have to be my colourful hand-woven, 100% wool handbag from Uzbekistan, the country where I was born!! Like seriously, where else can you find a wool bag?!


Shirt: http://www.ae.com Breezy, flowy Boho shirt.

Stateside Black Pant: http://www.statesideproject.com They are quite comfy and not tight at all giving off that Boho look as well.

Shoes: http://www.hm.com These booties are suede made, comfy as the heel’s not tall (3.5/4inch), however for this outfit a taller heel would be even better for a night out with friends.

Faux Leather Jacket: http://www.guess.com This one’s actually warm for wear so it’s perfect for Fall, but it does start to wear in tare in a year or two because it’s not real leather. I do love it though!

Handmade 100% Wool Bag: This bag is one of my fav.’s, as it literally reminds me of, and in the best way possible, a thick Persian rug. I have never seen such a sturdy, good quality bag that is non- leather. Thank you to my papa for gifting it to me. ❤

Thanks for dropping by friends, I know I stated that I’ll have two outfits to write about today but honestly this would be a really long post if I went ahead and did that, thus, I’ll be posting another outfit tomorrow morning. The photos for this outfit are all done, I just want to make sure the posts are separated so it’s not overwhelming to read & look at.

See you tomorrow!!






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