A Tighter Fit


The best thing about pairing black-on-black colours in clothing is that two different pieces can be made to look as one. For instance, in this outfit that I’m wearing, can you see, quickly and visibly, a black coloured skirt? Just by looking at these photos, I would say, not instantly. Underneath the skirt are tight black leggings. This same colouration of black-on-black including the leggings and skirt’s tight fitting, becomes a created pairing of a true, perfect match… For me.

Match the bottom portion with the same colour such as a black pair of shoes, and from hip-to-foot comes an appearance of an instantly classy and easy on the eyes look. If you want to continue in its simplicity, put on a nuetral coloured top on. Or, how about a sweater for these cooler October days? Nuetral jackets/ coats are always wonderful too, as nuetrals always stay classy, right? Speaking of which, I need to buy a nice wool coat! Do you know of some good deals lol?

Nonetheless, who needs a coat when sweaters can keep you snug! Here, I’m wearing a DKNY beige sweater top. I kept it classy and defined, however, if you want to add more flare, wear a poofier or baggier sweater, especially one with some toned colour such as yellow, red, etc., for the “look at me, here I am” type of attention! Of course you can opt out and just go with a colourful handbag instead, as I did. This colourful bag that I’m holding is also from Uzbekistan, a gift from my papa and step-mom. I love these colours, so funny that my fam chose a bag with purple-gold hues as these colours are Fall 2016 trendy. Who would have thought that purple is so Fall- ready though!?


..Oh hi Sparkle!! ❤️..

Sweater Top: 100% wool, and is a good fit. http://www.dkny.com

Black Skirt: Body hugging, from Talula. Has a sideway cross in the middle. http://www.aritzia.com

Shoe: Love these pump-sandal shoes, by Clarks which means comfort. Yay! http://www.clarkscanada.com

Bag: This colourful bag is hand-made from Uzbekistan. Good pop of colour for simple and nuetral attires.


Thanks for reading and for stopping by! Sparkle says hi and that we’ll see you next week!! I’m filming this weekend for my TV Host duties (Shaw channel 4), so I’ll be posting about that throughout Facebook/ Insta., as well as a blog post on Monday afternoon. See you guys then! ❤️


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