A Happy Path

As a TV host, interviewing others brings joy to my heart! But it wasn’t always like this as I had to alter some routes to arrive to this happier destination. I will never forget how often my intuition kept telling me not to continue in a job, a friendship, a certain environment. Whatever discontent scenario that it might have been, my inner self said to stop and to change my path. I felt the urge for change, but I questioned whether it was truly necessary? I figured that it did not seem like an immediate threat to my well-being or self growth, so why should I care- so I plowed through, and didn’t change anything.

With my inner voice continuing to ask for change, I finally said enough is enough, that I should probably sincerely acknowledged my feelings because after all, they must be valid. I began to realize that true positive change comes from within. The ability to listen to our inner voice and act upon its utterance. If something isn’t right, you must find a way to alter your current path. Don’t doubt yourself, a constant reminder to all of us to belive in you more than anyone else!

Change is not easy because you have to acknowledge your thoughts and feelings and take a step towards the unfamiliar, which is frightening for most. In my case, I was that person, perfectly knowing I need to make a change but instead, was a repeated customer of fright and anxiety. After a couple of blunders, I realized that my inner self might have been right all along, and when my patience finally wore thin, it was as simple as: Out with the bad, in with the good. If I didn’t like something, I changed it. It was scary but not as difficult as I thought it would be. Trust your inner self and cancel the bad as soon as you feel it. Remember, out with the bad, in with good.


Cardigan Pullover: This 59% acrylic, 27% wool fuzzy goodness is comfy and warm. In person, has a mossy green colour to it. From http://www.topshop.com

Long Sleeve: I’m wearing a simple, grey coloured Wilfred long sleeve with black lining. It’s not that warm, mainly of polyester. Sorry you can’t really see it, it’s plain & simple. http://www.aritzia.com

Jogger Pant: Comfortable & classy black jogger from http://www.aritzia.com

Shoe: An approx 4 inch heel to this beige kissed suede booties from Expression. Perfect for Fall. http://www.thebay.com


Here I am on October 16, on the job!! I interviewed some talented vendors, creative attendees in Halloween costumes, and others! It was fun to connect with local entrepreneurs and artists! Support locals by chatting, and finding out more about people as individuals. It feels great to know that our Vancouver community is keeping busy! Vancouver, a beautiful and thriving city of creativity, multiculturalism, and more!!

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Disclaimer: These photos are not for profit, just sharing them on my blog to view, taken at a public Halloween Expo event.


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