His Cardigan Sweater


Hi friends!!

I coloured my hair back to brown!! And slowly but surely, I’m feeling back to my regular self again! It’s not as light as my natural brown but some of the lighter tone is showing through in the middle to the ends there, as it was a blonde ombre before. Anyway, “speaking” of feeling like my old self before: I went back to wearing my hubby’s sweaters/ cardigans!! Some are smaller in size and some are quite big on me and I absolutely love it! The bigger the jacket, sweater… The better. Period. I recommend wearing HIS cardigan sweater.

Why should you wear HIS sweater? Well, for one, it’s cozy and comfy. Moreover, chances of another girl wearing the same thing are slim, which makes it that much more different. Not to mention, the whole long sleeve, big jacket, big cardigan thing is trendy atm… That is if you care about trends, but at least you know and recognize that it is. Lastly, if you are going to wear a men’s cardi sweater as I am here, in these pics, I’m assuming it’ll be free of charge for you, that means you just borrow and not pay a cent. Win!

Cardigan Sweater: Mens. 50% Wool, 30% Acrylic. H&M. http://www.hm.com Love the elbow protection + the warm beige colour.

T-Shirt: Female’s colourful tee. 95% Cotton. Also from http://www.hm.com Going for quite cheap, less than $10 CAD.

Leggings: Talula. 95% Cotton. http://www.aritzia.com High-Rise, which is amazing for comfort & warmth. Can be worn with crops & your tummy will still be protected in these fall and oncoming winter months.

Handbag: One of my fav bags, small & chic. http://www.rag-bone.com

Shoes: These are my “boxing joggers” that I wear with any tights, skinny’s. Perfect match with this oversized men’s cardigan! http://www.kangaroos.com You can actually purchase this brand from Payless too.

Gold Coloured Bracelet: From a boutique in Fort Langley, got it so long ago I honestly don’t recall, but you can get them anywhere really! Anti “Evil Eye” Bracelet: A gift.



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