New Comfy Sweater, Shoe + Classy Prada


Hi friends! I did some Black Friday shopping (except I shopped on an actual Saturday, not Friday lol)!! I bought this big, cozy & comfy sweater from H&M for only $10!! Eee. I love the nuetral beige tone! Not to mention, the sleeves are quite expanded and long- long sleeves (where your hand is barely seen if not seen at all) seems to be the “it” thing of Fall & Winter. I’m not complaining though! More cozy for me lol. Pair a sweater like this with any pant, jean, legging and you’re good for a casual day out!

Sweater: 62% acrylic The one I’m wearing is size S, and it is warm yet breathable! $10= Major score!

Pant: Jogger Community pant, size XS. 69% Rayon, 29% Nylon. This jogger pant does stretch & is not tight on the bum.

Shoes: Lexie & Abby, “ELIZEBLK.” Spacious on the feet = comfort. $59 as a Black Friday sale. Approx. $90 in regular price.

Bag: Prada, classic saffiano bag. This is one of my favorite & most prized possessions! I received this beauty as a gift. So classy & yet chic. Timeless.

YOU for stopping by! See you guys next week!! 🙂



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