$9 Tunic Party

Happy Holidays! ☺️🎄 I'm so excited for the family Christmas dinners!! And I'm following it up with a NYE bash with friends, at our place!! I'm ready to celebrate it all lol. How are you!? What's new? Over the weekend, we (my husband and I... Yes I'm married 😛 ) went out to a Christmas... Continue Reading →


Cozy Cape & Dress

Hey hey friends!!! ☺️✌️ Here's a chic yet simple outfit that's cute, and is best for everyday wear! The simple the better right? With my hair up in a cazh pony, I threw on my cozy, greyish-white coloured Community "cape" and loose but fitting same toned shirt-dress. I was going for a casual day-out kind... Continue Reading →

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