Cozy Cape & Dress


Hey hey friends!!! ☺️✌️

Here’s a chic yet simple outfit that’s cute, and is best for everyday wear! The simple the better right? With my hair up in a cazh pony, I threw on my cozy, greyish-white coloured Community “cape” and loose but fitting same toned shirt-dress. I was going for a casual day-out kind of outfit and I think I pulled it off?

If you have different but same coloured top wear as I’m wearing here, don’t be shy to wear them together! For example, a nuetral tone on another nuetral colour meshes well, especially, and in this case, if you differentiate it by wearing a darker or colourful accessory such as a bag or shoe or bottoms (pants)! Here, I wore black leggings, which you can find at any store, beige booties and a black bag- why not stick to darker nuetrals if your top piece(s) is lighter?

All in all, don’t be afraid if you have a white t-shirt and a white jacket in your closet, because you can wear them both, together, and simply pair a darker accessory or pant to go! Avoid looking lik w colourful walking tree for the holidays, stick to nuetrals. Lol.

Enjoy your outfit & I’ll see you next week!

Cape: XS: Community

Dress: S: Enough About Me

Leggings: HM You can buy leggings anywhere nowadays. Also, check out Aritzia for some high-rise Talula Leggings for approx. $18!

Shoes: My go-to suede booties. Have lasted me foe about a year now, from The Bay, the Expression line.

Bag: Michael by Michael Kors, a less expensive alternative (but still pricey) to the Michael Kors line.



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