$9 Tunic Party


Happy Holidays! ☺️🎄 I’m so excited for the family Christmas dinners!! And I’m following it up with a NYE bash with friends, at our place!! I’m ready to celebrate it all lol. How are you!? What’s new?

Over the weekend, we (my husband and I… Yes I’m married 😛 ) went out to a Christmas party to our family’s house (my mother-in-law’s new place), and it was lovely to see the family and to chat- That’s what the holidays are all about right? The Christmas tree and these photos overall were taken there. I wish they were a little brighter but you get the drift with the look etc. The evening was fun, they remodeled their house so they showed us their new place, and it looked absolutely gorgeous. I enjoyed seeing the before-and-after in person. Speaking of which, my before-and-after fashion (from pjs to not-) ended up as a mesh of formal and chic. Perfect for me lol.

Since I was seeing family for their event, I wanted to be comfy yet look formal enough. So, I stuck with my go-to black-and-white ensemble. Why not? I wrote a white tunic and my loose fitting black pants. But what adds more flare and less structure to this outfit is that I threw on my faux leather GUESS zip-up jacket. Comfy, classy, chic. And the best part about it all is that the tunic was only approximately $9!! Yes, nine bucks!

See below from where I got each item including the cheap tunic shirt find (BTW, I don’t get paid  by these companies, these are simply my suggestions) :

Kismet White Tunic Shirt: Sale/ Approx. $9! Bootlegger is having quite the sale, go & check it out. http://www.bootlegger.com Also, with any simple tunic as such, a long necklace of different hue goes really well on top. Here, I’m wearing a long, simple, handmade heart necklace from Uzbekistan, from a street vendor.

Stateside Black Pant: Not tight, wonderfully comfy. Warm enough for Fall but can of course be worn in Winter with some long (knee-high) socks under. The length is not short, with these pants, I’d recommend to wear shoes with some heel. http://www.statesideproject.com . Made in USA.

Jacket: Faux Leather, from GUESS. You can’t see in the photos as the lighting wasn’t the greatest, but this jacket has some criss-cross diamond design to it from front to back with, of course, a zip up in the middle, a top to fully covered neckline kind. I got this jacket a few years ago but many stores incld. GUESS offer similar styles! https://guess.ca/en/Catalog/Browse/women/jackets-outerwear/

**You can wear this outfit with any shoes. I really recommend to go with some color instead of black. I wore my beige sude, high heel.**

Bag: My go-to Rag & Bone cross-body. I got this bag as a gift 1-2 years ago so I don’t think they’re still selling this particular style on their site. But there’s other finds there: http://www.rag-bone.com/womens/handbags/

Thanks for dropping by!! See you in about a week!! HUGS! 🙂



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