Ice Strollin’


Hi friends!!! Sorry for not posting yesterday I see many of you visited to no avail- my apologies. Anyhoo, over the weekend, guess what I did, guess what I did?! I went strollin’ at a park and walked on an icy man-made lake. I wore my simple New Balance sneaks ( with black pants and my Community parka: ( ($275 if still for sale- well worth it). Sorry this is not much of a fashion per se post, but just a little fun update. I’ll be posting more this week!!

Okay, but back to the cold, icy lake (sorta looks like a big pond lol): This was my first time walking on an icy lake, (Brandon and Sparkle the dawg in tow) unless somehow, I forgot about my previous walking on icy body of waters endeavours? I have of course walked on maybe a small body of icy water before, but not one of this size. Somehow it felt strange walking on a “lake,” as if I wasn’t supposed to be doing so? Definitely an exhilarating feeling!! I had a slight migraine but the chilly air knocked the headache over, somewhere to the migraine land of, “please never come back” pastures… Hopeful thinking of course. In that moment, I felt refreshed and awake. Btw, Sparkle was on the ice literally just for the photo (a few seconds), quick step, just in case it’s too cold for her paws hehe. Well, I want to leave you (for now, don’t worry) with a question or two: Have you walked or even better, ice skated, on an icy lake, or so, before? If so, how did it feel? Did you have fun? If you haven’t, would you like to? I recommend doing so! Try it. 🙂

I’ll be posting again this week!! Please check out my FB or INSTA for blog updates or click on FOLLOW below, and you’ll get posts unto your email!!! Woooo! Thank YOU!




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