Cozy Feels, No Coat


Hey!! How’s it going? What’s new?!

Over the weekend, I did the usual errands,  walked outside with the hubs and my doggy Sparkle, then visited my mom at her new place. Was very exciting to eat and drink tea with her, and to of course, chat- if you don’t know, she used to live with us but is now living on her own. Our house is less busy now, which has its own pros and cons. But before going over to my mom’s, I made sure to go for a little walk.

I was so SO excited to walk outside without an actual jacket!! Oh-m-G, did I feel ever so free. I did, however, layer it up in threes. Meaning, I wore two shirts and a warmer, non-button and open sweater on top. For these less colder days, if you want to feel like you’re wearing some form of a “jacket,” then wear a warm (wool, acrylic etc.) non-button, open sweater and layer under it with a t-shirt or tank to keep your chest warm, then a longer sleeve shirt on top of that same under shirt. If it’s not that cold out, wear a lighter tank or a crop tank. Wearing a tank as an under shirt allows for chest protection, and with the cardigan sweater being open, it appears as a throw on “jacket” that can be taken off much easier. Better yet, still breathable enough for the warmer indoor spaces. Don’t you hate walking outside, feeling cold, then going indoors and all of a sudden, you feel extremely warm and even worse, begin to sweat? Ew lol!! Save yourself the extra weight, the sweat lol, and layer with an open sweater on top. Seriously.

Cardigan Sweater: Topshop. This one’s perfect for Winter and Fall, and better yet, light as can be, and and fuzzy for the cozy feels. Comes with one pocket on each side. You can buy similar styles at Privilege too.

Long Sleeve Shirt: AEO crop, “Don’t Ask Why.” With one pocket on each side. Nuetral colour. Matches my suede booties. Flowy and mid crop: Perfect if you’re layering on top of a shirt for that airy feel.

Black Joggers: By Community. I desperately need to purchase some jeggings or pants, I keep wearing these like ! Lol. But, this works for comfort. Please check my previous post I have them listed there already.

Booties: Expression, go to The Bay. Similar finds there as I purchases these about a year ago. It’s a wonder what some heels do to your legs and overall feeling. I find these heels to be simple and chic. They have Spring and Summer shoes out already:

Bag: Been wearing this out for a couple of weeks now. Nice to wear my older finds again, especially I love how long the handles are, very useable.

I’ll be posting again this week!! Stay tuned. Big hugs & thank you!

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