YES! Spring Wish List + TRENDS Vol.1


Weepee, most stores are already filling up with their Spring stock! So here’s a short Spring list ranging of shirts, pants, shoes, body suits that I hope you’ll like. For legal purposes, I am not sharing the photos on here but you can click on the links to see what I’m “talking” about. Also, fyi, I’m not paid for these suggestions, I’m just sharing what I like. Hope you enjoy!! 😍

The little List:

Top Shop Floral Shirt: Okay, so FLORALS (it seems as a recurring theme) are back in, especially the see through shirts, for this Spring 2017! This shirt’s so flirty, light, and dainty. Love the little flowers throughout. It is also see through so you can wear a crop under or a cool sports bra, or whatever that you prefer!

Zara, Frill Top in White: Frills, frills, and more frills. Grt used to seeing that for Spring +. This top is classy, girly, simple. Would go well with any pants, dark or baby blue coloured jeans.

Gap Tie Belt Denim Shirt-Dress: These tie belt denim shirt-dresses have really been a hit for about a year on celebrities, and now is contunuing at department stores too; and I’m actually digging its laid back approach- however, I prefer the railroad stripes more than the typical light blue jean. Also, if you’re wanting to stay a little warmer, wear leggings under! If you love denim, this is a great way to alternate your look:

Aritzia Body Suit: I like this body suit in the denude colour is very soft and reminds me of a light pink rose colour aka Spring time galore lol. The charcoal, however is now for sale for $19.99, if interested.

Capri Trouser Pant: Another trend alert: Capris are back (if they even left?). This capri trouser pant is an absolutely wonderful choice for work and play! Trousers tend to be more comfortable and laid back, however the shorter capri length adds a more structured and dressy approach to this trouser.

NEW H&M Soft Green Jegging: Green for Spring? This jegging is soft and comes in a variety of colours, but I like the dusky green pair! Yes, just as long as the green is not too bright (personally, I’m more into classic neutrals.). 😛

Steve Madden Paloma Shoe: I seriously want these for the cool breezy (perfect for Spring, Summer, Fall) side slits and the simple beige colour. I picture wearing these with jeans, a skirt, a dress.

Now, if you’re interested in Spring shoe trends, think bows and ankle tie-ins and belts, oh and tall platforms too, can’t forget those lol. Happy yellows and florals too! Take a look at here:

Hope you guys liked the mini Spring VOL.1 list, more is to come, including a seperate bag trends list. BIG thank you for stopping by here. I’ll be posting more this week- stay tuned on and/ or http://www.instagram/nargizagilfan

See you again this week!



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