Winter Happy❄️💕


Hey hey!!!! Omg so it snowed again, big time. And of course being me, I had to go out and frolick in the new, white powdery happiness. This time I wore my colourful salmon coloured Hunters. I was prepared. I didn’t wear a jacket though as I didn’t feel like it was that cold. But let me tell you, this is the first time for me in the snow without a coat on. I recommend layering, especially two of the same toned colours up top. You wouldn’t think that a long white cardigan would mix well with a short white sweater under, but it does! It adds a sort of relaxed yet matched look to this simply nuetral attire- you like how I did that, simply nuetral, simply Nargiza? Lol.😃

Crop Neckline Sweater: Similar style, also “Don’t Ask Why:”

Cardigan: Also from AE. Similar style, on sale:

Talula High-Rise Legging: Choose which one you want lol:

Hunter Rubber Boots: Great for these Raincouver days & snowy days too. Go for a colourful happy colour, you won’t regret it:

Wear any cross-body bag for this relaxed everyday look, and have fun out!!

Well, hope you liked the little suggestions! See you soon, check on FB or Insta for updates on the next post. I bought some new jeans from H&M so I’ll be posting an outfit with them on soon!! Thank you!☺️





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