Comfy Day


Hi lovelies!! The oversized shirts, jackets and in this case (in what I’m wearing), sweaters, are still happening, and hey, even if they weren’t, I’d still be wearing them lol. This HIS sweater is comfy, warm, and of good quality. You don’t need a jacket or a coat with a big sweater like this one. Of course if you aren’t into men’s wear as a woman, you can always find a baggy sweater at another store. I’d definitely recommend wearing 2 sizes bigger for this kind of look and feel. To add some form to this outfit, ensemble it together with some jeans, leggings, or any skinny-legged pants (I’m wearing leggings with mine).

Sweater: Old Navy, Mock- Neck Grey Sweater, this specific pair is sadly out of stock. But browse below, there’s of course more, including Banana Republic & GAP.

Legging: Talula. I’m wearing the black colour, high-waist pair.

Slip-on Shoes: H&M. I’ve been looking for some canvas slip-ons for a while. This is a great looking, inexpensive pair. For me, it hits a little on the big toe but after a few wears it stretched, so it fits well now.

Wallet: Michael by Michael Kors. If you’re going out for a quick minute for some coffee or to meet-up with someone for a bit, why not just bring a wallet? I love meeting up with a friend with the only accessory being a water bottle (because hydration is key lol), and a wallet. Easy, relaxed.

Wallets, bags:

Thanks for coming by & reading/ browsing my suggestions. 🙂Have a beautiful day!



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