Simply N: Happy Walk


Hello!! ☺️☀️ Sparkle says hi too! We went for a little walk while the sun made a happy appearance. I wore a greyish-off white cardigan from Plenty, spaghetti strap body-fitting shirt (acts perfectly as a bodysuit), and girlfriend jeans with black leggings under. Quickly slipped on my slip-ons from Lexie & Abbie (you can find them in my previous posts). Seriously, I love to reuse and mix-and-match things that I have worn for many months or several years. I know I’m a “fashion blogger,” but I don’t believe in constantly wearing different pieces. A true fashionista, per se, is one that can make it work with whatever they have. 🙂

Well thanks again for coming by!! Check out yesterday’s post as well, for some Oscars fashion!! Hugs!

Cardigan: Plenty. Cozy, perfect for Spring & Summer (a little cool for Winter). I can’t find my colour but here’s the same cardi:

Shirt: D Dynamite, I bought this black spaghetti strap a while ago but here’s their shirt section, they’ve got a bodysuit collection separately as well:

Jean: Girlfriend Jean with rips, AEO. Most of these TomGirl jeans have their ends folded, but I didn’t fold mine because it’s too cold out lol.





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