I Celebrate You

Happy day friend!!! How are you!? Thanks for stopping by! It’s still Women’s History Month, and tomorrow’s International Women’s Day, and I’d like to again congratulate women: The daughters, sisters, aunts, mothers, grandmothers, single parents, women all around the world, and those etched in history books. Thank you for all of your hard work as women, and thank you for being you.

Back home in Uzbekistan, I’ve always known March 8th as the day of women, where women recieved flowers and many thanks, and of course it’s the same throughout the world. As a woman myself, and most importantly a human being, I have always valued everything that women before me have done for us now. You have fought for our equality and I am in awe of all the wonderful possibilities when you have come together as women and marched for our rights. Now I live in Canada, supposedly the second best country in the world to Switzerland, and I am completely aware that life for women here is different to life in other parts of the world; and it makes me feel grateful for everything that I have here, but also sad for the things that others don’t have elsewhere. I hope that we as a society continue to fight for equality for all, and for women, and that includes freedoms and rights in education, prespective jobs, own body rights, reproductive rights, marital rights, and the list goes on. There is still lots to be done to achieve this said equality, but I know it can be accomplished if we all unite together as a society.

As I grow older, now in my late 20s, I have become more aware of my own inner thoughts as a woman, and I realize that I’m not weak in my thoughts. I’m also not weak in my appearance, with or without make-up on, with a skirt on, or with pants on. I wear my heart on my sleeve at times, and I put on make-up for me. No one else. I have also realized that questioning my thoughts and what is going on around me is absolutely normal. And with my thoughts, I must act and I must do only what is and what feels just. I must not change my ideals for anyone. I must not listen to judgement. I still go through bouts of self-questioning but I know that’s normal as a human being, no matter your “gender.” No one’s perfect and I celebrate my imperfections. I also celebrate my mother’s and grandmother’s beautiful imperfections after giving birth and taking care of their family for years, my strong female role models. I celebrate the women in my life. I also celebrate those other strong women in history books, the ones that generations to come will still commemorate. From woman-to-woman, I’m thankful for all of you, for all of your continued endless selflessness and never-ending strength. ❤️


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