Spring Ready


Happy 1st day of Spring friends! 🌷🌷🌷 Sorry for not posting last week I was very busy and wasn’t feeling well at all but I’m back! Yay!! Over the weekend, the sun came out and I was so content going for a walk with the doggy and hubby, and due to the warmer weather I didn’t even wear warm shoes or a warm jacket. So not like me lol. I walked around in airy sneakers and flats! Why not right!? Lol.

My Outfit Of the Day:

Denim Button- Down, Loose Crop Top, Leggings, Flats. 😍 Keeping with the breezy casual look, I added an oversized H&M bag too.

Button-Down: AEO. This one’s great for the light colour, length, breathability. Quality’s good as well.


Crop Top: Noul. Love the stripes and the airy feel, perfect for Summer too. This shirt was bought a while ago but here’s rhe website, which app. is not functioning atm, but here it is:


Leggings: H&M. I’d like it if they were a little more higher waist but leggings are leggings, they’re comfortable & these one’s are warm. Bought sev years ago but here are all the leggigs:


Flats: Aldo. These pointy toed shoes have that cute classy look and are thus, timeless. But if you want more of a modern chic look, take a look at these:


Bag: H&M. Great for work, quality’s okay. Approx. $39 All the bags are here:


If you want to look a little less casual, put your hair up in a bun and wear high heels or high-waist leggings so as to not show any skin at all (your belly lol). For an even more formal look, button up the blouse. Oh and btw, blue denim with white is classy and with a flare of black, more chic and work relatable as what colour does black not go well with- Pretty much none?

Well, see you back here soon, subscribe & check my FB & Instagram. Thank you! Big hugs!! 🙂

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/nargizagilfan

Facebook: http://facebook.com/simplynargiza



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