Must Haves for Every Closet

Clean White T-Shirt

Every woman needs that go-to white t- shirt because it’s perfect for any season, with any outfit- For work or for play. Here’s one from Old Navy, now going for $5!!! 😮😮

And take a look at this shopping list, from Hanes:—tops#facet:&productBeginIndex:0&orderBy:&pageView:grid&minPrice:&maxPrice:&pageSize:20&?redirectLoop=true&

Black Pant

💁Every girl needs a nice pair of black pants or jeans, jeggings. My favorite are a nice comfy jegging pair. I used to wear my favorite jeggings from AEO, and they were awesome until they ripped (too comfy, too stretchy). But for the few years that I wore them, I really enjoyed the feel and the classy, versatile look.

AEO sateen x jegging:

Apparently warm & comfy, good reviews, from Macys:

Black Pants for every fit by In Style:


A nice 👌 blazer goes well with any bottoms! Perfect for a night out of for work; and the good thing is that you can buy one in any colour that you prefer.

H&M’s trendy blazers:

J.Crew Blazer, comes with good reviews, a bit pricey though:

Blazers galore from Banana Republic:

Black Skirt

A timeless piece💃 that every girl needs in her closet is a nice black pencil or any shape-fitting skirt  for that matter!

Cotton pencil skirt, J.Crew:

ASOS black maxi skirt:

Max Studios, leatherette skirt:

Button-Down Shirt

🙋🙋Or as some call them, blouses… They’re awesome because if you button one up, you’re polished and ready  to head to a meeting. However, if you unbutton it all the way down, it’s flowy, relaxed and can be everyday wear for all occasions.

The List: 👇👇

My Favs for their jean fits @AEO:

Chic & Flirty @Revolve:


Comfort Heel

Forget the uncomfortable heel, get with a stylish comfy one instead! I think heels in black, beige, cream pink and red are good go-to variations.👌👠

I looked at classy pump heels with a high rating. The price might not be cheap but these heels are made well:

Clarks, in black:

Naturalizer, in beige:

From Oprah to others, Aerosoles are known for comfortable heels. Take a look at their selection:

Legging Tights

“Speaking” of comfort… Leggings are perfect for a nice walk, jog, to wear under a shirt or dress. They’re just so versatile! 💪💪

I have read favourable reviews for Under Armour, check these out:

Whether you’re running or training, Nike has some good quality tights:

Last but not least, Lululemon Leggings, as people still swear by them:


Sneakers are the knew thing now, well it has been for a few years. You wear them with anything now-a-days haha. ☺️

Women’s Best Sellers for joggers & sports attire, from the big guy, Nike:

Addidas has some cool & fashionable sneakers. Take a look for yourself, personally I sorta dig the Youth Ultra Boost Uncaged:

Fashion sneakers List, from Best Products:

The Everyday Bag

👜👜 I love, love bags that I can wear out for  a nice dinner but at the same time, I can wear one for a fast lunch. Love it. 😝 These kinds of bags are usually classy, and can withstand several years to come a la the classic Chanel flip. But there’s always the less pricey version, though made of less  qality it can look just as nice.

H&M bags- Go for the small shoulder bag or the Shopper, etc:

Madewell. Good quality, not overtly pricey:

Rebecca Minkoff. I find their bags to be compact and stylish. Pick and choose for your conveniency:

* * *

Well, hope you liked my list!!! See you next week! BIG HUGs!



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