Friendship Day 👯

Hi friends!! 💛😌 Hope you’re having a SUNNY and happy day!! ☀️☀️☀️ Oh my gosh, it’s supposed to be 28/30 degrees over this weekend and I’m thinking it’s time to bring out the summer wear! Weee!! Several days ago (more like last weekend), however, was also sunny and my hubs and I ended up catching up with my friend Amanda from high-school and her husband (they got married last year and I got to be a bridesmaid and stand alongside Amanda during their wovs, it was a special day), but anyway, recently all four of us met up for some grub and chatter. I so love reconnecting with friends, as I feel like an abundantly full life is one with family and friends in it. 👯💛

For my outfit:

I wore a cute shirt with saying on it that I just purchased (tnx for the gift certificate from family). The purchase was from Winners, under $20- Winners is an awesome store with a variety of clothing to choose from. I paired the shirt with maternity leggings (yes as I announced about two weeks ago, I’m still preggos, and still will be until Fall lol). All one toned in colour, with blue wash denim on top.


T-Shirt: So I seriously love the saying “I just want to drink wine, save animals, and take naps.” So funny and cute, and so me (sans the wine part as I’m pregnant and as we all know, you can’t drink whilst being pregnant lol). But the good thing is that it’s such a loose fit that I can still wear it after I give birth, one of the other reasons why I bought it. Bonus!!

Leggings are maternity style from H&M around $14.99 CAD.

Shoes are from H&M as well, the price is great too just be aware that it’s a round front fit so your toe might hit a bit and not be as comfy, in which case you can just manually try to stretch out the front.

See you guys next week!! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Here’s my friend and I being goofy and happy, as always:






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