Flowers, Signs, Love

What started as a pile of flowers….


When it comes to flowers, my step-dad Tooraj (pronounced Too- raj, not “-zh” hehe) has always been a gifted expert, and a natural talent in creating the most beautiful flower arrangements! Over the weekend, on Sunday to be exact, my hubs Brandon and I went to a wedding reception-celebration of family, and Tooraj was asked to do some flower arrangements for this event. Of course, what started with a pile of two open boxes filled with different flowers (cream-white coloured assortments to light pink/violet to dusty roses of which I never even heard existed), became a several hour ordeal of some of the most creative flower arrangements that I have ever seen, see below:


Aren’t these so pretty? 😮😍

The lanterns do add a beautiful, whimsical approach to the bouquet (my mother-in-law Danna’s idea, or as I like to call her, Danners). I especially loved it when these battery charged candles were turned on in the evening. What do you think? 💕

Here are most of the arrangements before transportation, as laid on our somewhat car-dirty garage floor haha (and btw, look to your right, who knew there are natural green roses in existence?) :


If you need any special, unique, flower arrangements to be done, message me, I can see if Tooraj is available to do them for you. ☺️


A Custom SIGN by Danna. She makes beautiful private and store orders:

Brandon and me… 💕👫 Oh, I cut my hair lol- short hair feels amazing in the summer!!


I wanted to be comfy and happy in my maxi dress. It’s an old dress I found in my closet from Stitches, I don’t even think that store exists anymore- I love maxi dresses for Summer and especially when one is pregnant as they’re loose and flowy to wear equaling much needed comfort!! 😌 The black also and apparently hid my preggo tummy a bit too, haha? Paired with some flats (from and I was ready to go, though I think I could have worn a more tighter fitted cardi but it’s okay I felt happy and cozy!!



See you guys next time!!! Thanks so much for coming here to scroll through & connect! 🙋





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