Pregnancy: The Beautiful Reality

Hi friends,

You know when you have your lazy days and those days when you are filled with energy, ready to get the day started?! Kinda how I look in the above photo (after the initial early morning wake-up call). Or perhaps you need to drink that one, or two (or more lol) cups of coffee first, and then you finally feel like you’re ready to open your eyes fully… Of course to get that day started lol? Well, for the last month or so, while I’m still pregnant and all, that is exactly how I’ve been feeling, barely able to open my eyes as I don’t sleep much throughout the night; and the further along I get in my pregnancy, the more sluggish I feel; but I’m still busy and active and that’ll never change… Right!?

Besides getting up to use the washroom at all hours of the day and night (waaa can I just sleep!? Lol), proceeded by the constant cycle of drinking more-and-more water from being thirsty, did you know that most women get leg cramps too? Well, I didn’t! On one beautiful sleepless morning, my one leg’s calf muscle cramped up so atrociously bad that I couldn’t walk for several hours. I was cringing at each step, it was truly painful. I could not do anything but sort of hop around, which you know is highly uncomfortable with a pregnant tummy, and stairs to boot lol. And when I mentioned this leg pain to my OB, who by-the-way is super experienced in his profession, he just smiled and said “get a roller” and proceeded to show me how to use one properly on one’s leg muscles. Very interesting indeed. 😂 Thankfully we have a professional runners “roller” in the house already… Whatever that is. Lol. But yay me! My routine now includes (if I don’t forget) to roll both of my calf muscles at least once per day to avoid those painful cramps. And to always hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate.

But overall, this pregnancy hasn’t been that bad, besides the uncomfortability, some leg pain and sleepless nights, after the first trimester, the nausea is gone and things have been going fine. Yay! Pregnancy is truly an experience to go through and I do feel blessed and really excited to welcome this little one into this world, and into our family. I am thankful.


Thanks for reading! See you next time!!



Dress by AEO


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