It’s raining, thundering, and apparently hailing out here in Greater Vancouver! And little-by-little things are coming along in this wonderful thing we call pregnancy. Thankful and blessed, Brandon and I are counting down weeks until our little lovebug will come and join our family of three, the third being our doggy Sparkle. I’m excited to see the little one face-to-face but I will definitely miss the ability to feel the movements and kicks, the overall intimate bond and journey that only baby and I share.😍 I will miss all of that. I seriously can’t believe how protective and loving I already feel towards this baby, and we haven’t even met yet face-to-face. It’s definitely a journey, and I’ll keep you guys updated. But before I go, I wanted to quickly announce the baby’s gender, it’s probably what you’re here for right!? 😁 It’s something that I’ve been asked more than a few times now lol. Well, what was your guess!? Because we’re having a little….

BOY!!! It’s a boy! Woo!

We’re SO thrilled about this baby boy. 👪❤️ Most people in our family, including friends, thought we’re having a baby girl but intuitively, I never felt one way or another. Though, I did have a dream before I got pregnant that I gave birth to a baby boy, so I guess I already forsaw him!? But yes, I’m actually really excited we’re having a boy first, because as a child I was a tomboy. I loved running, playing sports, climbing trees with the guys. But don’t get me wrong, either gender is more than fine, girl or boy, doesn’t matter either way! All in all, I’m looking forward to many adventures with this little one.😍

Thanks for reading guys and for stopping by!! See you next time! Check FB or INSTA for updates!


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