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Hello friends,

How are you? I still can’t believe it’s already 2018 and almost Spring time at that! I figured I’d write about what I’ve been going through and feeling as a new mama, and make a mini collage from my recent mama moments; and oh, by-the-way, the middle group photo is from my unisex baby shower. That was fun! My mother in-law and her partner surprised me by wanting to organize it at their beautiful house in White Rock, of course my mom and step-mother and two of my best friends helped with some grub and sweet desserts as well. Yummy! Sadly right after the baby shower Brandon and I drove to the hospital, but it’s okay as it all worked out in the end (the flowers from the collage were given to me at the hospital by the caring hubs). But yes, all is well. Baby Finn is here, happy and healthy. And now, as still a newly become mama, I’m just tired taking care of this tiny human. Keeping him alive and all.😂

It’s been a journey to find the energy after cleaning the house, doing constant laundry because apparently having just one kid means never ending laundry lol… Making food and attempting to feed myself a proper meal is time consuming too as it is for everyone, mama or not (meal-a-day shakes are awesome by the way or several pre-boiled 🥚s for the week’s breakfast). Trying to use the washroom without thinking of the baby or listening to every possible “scary” sound he might make, is all exhausting too. So to write something for this little blog takes some due diligence. For real-for real. But I’m not trying to complain! Just stating the reality of parenthood.

I feel very blessed to experience the good and the bad of being a mama- but really the “bad” is not much at all in comparison to the love you feel for your little one. But the bad days for me is being barely awake. And as I write this post with heavy, tired eyelids, I’m pumping milk for the little one’s next feeding. I’m happy that I get to continue to write on here though and to share and connect with you. To do what makes me happy. I thank God for the joys of life, and for another beautiful year. Crazy it’s already 2018! Still can’t believe how fast time tick-tocked away. I welcome you, 2018, with an open heart and understanding that this mama too needs some time for herself, to do the things that she loves, one being is to write and connect with that much needed adult interaction, within the blogosphere too, and this beautiful universe. So thanks for stopping by. 🙋‍♀️ I’ll be posting more next week, perhaps about the adventures of teething lol!?

PS: Baby Finn is well. He has his routine immunizations in check, of course will still be an ongoing thing. A little tooth is already peeking out, and he’ll be 6 months on April 20th! Brandon, Sparkle🐕 and I are in love with the lil’ guy. 👪💛

But for now, thanks for the visit and chat soon!! Hugs!





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