Eggie Baby Teething Teethers

UPDATE below!

Well, little Finn has been teething for a while now! I feel bad for his pains but I’m thrilled that he’s unto a new milestone, and is growing into a healthy little boy, which is the most important thing. But with his gums being sore and all, I wanted to make sure he didn’t chew on his hands (because he’s already into that) so I’ve started him on a variety of teethers. Oh the adventure!

Today, if you don’t mind, I want to also spread the love of a local, small baby goods teether business with you, adorably called Eggie Baby, and run by a fellow mama who just recently gave birth to a baby boy as well.

She has kindly gifted us these beautiful silicone teething goodies, and seriously they are just so cute! 😍 Take a look at some of these affordable items: eggiebb Her store is however currently closed and will re-open after May 10th!! The supplies range from teether necklaces with personalized names or cute designs like pandas, egg yolks, choo-choo trains, french fries; and some come with a clip to clip-on to the baby’s attire, and you can also add your own pacifier to it. Others can be worn as a bracelet or a necklace! She also sells bibs, wooden teethers, polishes, and cute little tooth brushes too! Simply wash each teether with warm water and soap and give to your baby to chew on, which will relieve pressure of baby’s sore gums:


Teethers are Made in Canada. Support local business!!☺️


The simple marble coloured silicone necklaces or clip-ons come in cute Eggie pouches.


Finn loves this organic, cotton “egg” bib that he can use to chew on as well.

Do you have any suggestions for a teething baby? I’ve also tried the cold cloth thing to chew on, a glove mitt which he also loves. Curious about pain relieve/ numbing gels for gums, hmm, wonder if those are safe to use. UPDATE: Froze the Eggie bib above with the teether on it, and one of his washclothes from grandma and that soothed him for a while at least! Not bad! Woo!

Thanks for poppin by. Hugs!! See you soon- The next post will be a fashion one.🙋‍♀️





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