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Here’s a little about me:

I love to share and connect positivity with others as a mother, wife, writer, entertainer, teacher and a simple fashion gal. As an entertainer, my experience ranges from being a freelance TV reporter/ TV Host for local community television such as SHAW TV and Vancouver TV, to being a Ms. Vancouver 2015 finalist, and to singing, acting for theatrical plays and shorts, etc. But most of all, it is the connections and friendships that I have formed, through these experiences, that make me the most fullfilled and happy.

So while the entertainment arena is interesting and all, I most importantly love connecting with others, chatting, laughing, sharing stories. It is in these communions that I realize how much alike we truly are, no matter where we’re from- and I attest to this especially, being born in Uzbekistan (yes, I’m not originally from Canada). Hello friends!! And now as a newly become mama to my little boy, whom my hubby and I named Finn, I’d like to continue to share my journey and to connect with other mothers or mama-to-be’s.

But I also know that as a previous ESL/ ELL teacher, I still have many international students stopping by my little blog, and I’m so thankful for you too! I miss teaching you English but also dissecting different topics, current events, and just chatting about life in general. It has been and still is my pleasure to teach students from all walks of life and culture.

Finally, though this site was initially created as a fashion blog, to me, it has quickly become much more than that. I will always write and share my personal journey as a mother, teacher, entertainer, and include positivity related topics and motivationals, and of course post about my own simply ready attire and the overall fashion trends.

I hope you enjoy my blog and stay in touch friends!! Thanks for reading!!!!



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