Eggie Baby Teething Teethers

UPDATE below! Well, little Finn has been teething for a while now! I feel bad for his pains but I’m thrilled that he’s unto a new milestone, and is growing into a healthy little boy, which is the most important thing. But with his gums being sore and all, I wanted to make sure he... Continue Reading →


Mama Life

Hello friends, How are you? I still can’t believe it’s already 2018 and almost Spring time at that! I figured I’d write about what I’ve been going through and feeling as a new mama, and make a mini collage from my recent mama moments; and oh, by-the-way, the middle group photo is from my unisex... Continue Reading →

International Women’s Day

March 8th marked International Women’s day!! I made a wish for a better tomorrow, for a better future for all women. 💐💐 Posted this on social but didn’t link it unto here so here I am doing it now- Happy International Women’s day to all my strong female sisters! This photo is from my baby shower... Continue Reading →


It's raining, thundering, and apparently hailing out here in Greater Vancouver! And little-by-little things are coming along in this wonderful thing we call pregnancy. Thankful and blessed, Brandon and I are counting down weeks until our little lovebug will come and join our family of three, the third being our doggy Sparkle. I'm excited to... Continue Reading →

Pregnancy: The Beautiful Reality

Hi friends, You know when you have your lazy days and those days when you are filled with energy, ready to get the day started?! Kinda how I look in the above photo (after the initial early morning wake-up call). Or perhaps you need to drink that one, or two (or more lol) cups of coffee... Continue Reading →

Flowers, Signs, Love

What started as a pile of flowers.... When it comes to flowers, my step-dad Tooraj (pronounced Too- raj, not "-zh" hehe) has always been a gifted expert, and a natural talent in creating the most beautiful flower arrangements! Over the weekend, on Sunday to be exact, my hubs Brandon and I went to a wedding... Continue Reading →

Maternity Mama

Hey hey!! How are YOU!? I've been well and pregnant, as well as can be while pregnant hey (sarcasm lol). Lately though, the only things that fit me are maternity clothes haha, unless I manage to find a couple of my old shirts that are stretchy!! The belly has gotten bigger (Yay! So thankful for... Continue Reading →

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