Comfy Day

Hi lovelies!! The oversized shirts, jackets and in this case (in what I'm wearing), sweaters, are still happening, and hey, even if they weren't, I'd still be wearing them lol. This HIS sweater is comfy, warm, and of good quality. You don't need a jacket or a coat with a big sweater like this one.... Continue Reading →

This Wednesday

Hello!!! ✨✨✨ How are you?! Hope you're happy and well.  Just wanted to "say" that there's no new blog post today, there'll be a new one coming this Wednesday. Please come back on Wednesday, thanks so much!🙂💛

NEW Skinny Jean🙋👖

Hey hey!! I went for a beautiful sunny walk in my inexpensive, brand new skinnies from H&M. This pair is a black wash, sort of looks like a really dark grey one in person. I really wanted to wear them with a body suit, but since I haven't bought one yet (I know, I keep... Continue Reading →

Winter Happy❄️💕

Hey hey!!!! Omg so it snowed again, big time. And of course being me, I had to go out and frolick in the new, white powdery happiness. This time I wore my colourful salmon coloured Hunters. I was prepared. I didn't wear a jacket though as I didn't feel like it was that cold. But... Continue Reading →

YES! Spring Wish List + TRENDS Vol.1

FRIENDS!!! Weepee, most stores are already filling up with their Spring stock! So here's a short Spring list ranging of shirts, pants, shoes, body suits that I hope you'll like. For legal purposes, I am not sharing the photos on here but you can click on the links to see what I'm "talking" about. Also,... Continue Reading →

Cozy Feels, No Coat

Hey!! How's it going? What's new?! Over the weekend, I did the usual errands,  walked outside with the hubs and my doggy Sparkle, then visited my mom at her new place. Was very exciting to eat and drink tea with her, and to of course, chat- if you don't know, she used to live with... Continue Reading →

Ice Strollin’

Hi friends!!! Sorry for not posting yesterday I see many of you visited to no avail- my apologies. Anyhoo, over the weekend, guess what I did, guess what I did?! I went strollin' at a park and walked on an icy man-made lake. I wore my simple New Balance sneaks ( with black pants and... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Soul

☀️☀️☀️ Hello!! The SUN is shining and all I want you to know is that you're BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING! Why? Complimenting others can be quite comforting for showing love and in connecting with others, as part of one big community. But while doing so, one can't forget to compliment oneself too- compliment yourself. Today, tell... Continue Reading →

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