Maternity Mama

Hey hey!! How are YOU!? I've been well and pregnant, as well as can be while pregnant hey (sarcasm lol). Lately though, the only things that fit me are maternity clothes haha, unless I manage to find a couple of my old shirts that are stretchy!! The belly has gotten bigger (Yay! So thankful for... Continue Reading →


Cozy Feels, No Coat

Hey!! How's it going? What's new?! Over the weekend, I did the usual errands,  walked outside with the hubs and my doggy Sparkle, then visited my mom at her new place. Was very exciting to eat and drink tea with her, and to of course, chat- if you don't know, she used to live with... Continue Reading →

Simply Mix & Match

Hello my lovely ❤️ friends, How are you? What's new in the last week since you last visited!? 🙂 My week has been relaxing but ridden with an annoying cold. Today though, the cough and runny nose is slowly disappearing! It's nice to finally be able to feel like myself again lol. Over the weekend, I... Continue Reading →

Grunge Comfort

HELLO friends!!! Okayyyyy so a faux leather jacket, black Lexie & Abbie booties, ripped girlfriend jean (I'm wearing black leggings under for warmth), in addition to a cozy grey Vera Moda sweater and the outfit became a perfect combination of comfy-grungy, chic. Seriously, you can't go wrong with a warm knit sweater, jeans, and a... Continue Reading →

Simple & Classy Find

Can pair an outfit like this one with a statement bag and accessory such as this bangle bracelet. Love the ruffles in the middle and on the sleeves- simple and gives it some flare! Thanks for stopping by! Hope you liked this simple outfit. A sheer black blouse with jeans goes so well together for... Continue Reading →

Cozy Crop Sweater

Happy Tuesday!!!! 💕 How are you today? On this sunny day here in beautiful West Coast BC, I decided to wear one of my fav. crop sweaters & girlfriend jeans w/ some rips. I love pairing cozy sweaters with jeans. In this case, the jean is mid-rise and not a perfect tight fit as how... Continue Reading →

His Cardigan Sweater

Hi friends!! I coloured my hair back to brown!! And slowly but surely, I'm feeling back to my regular self again! It's not as light as my natural brown but some of the lighter tone is showing through in the middle to the ends there, as it was a blonde ombre before. Anyway, "speaking" of... Continue Reading →

Turtlenecks, Cardis, Scarfs- ?

Halloween is not even dunzo yet, yet many are already thinking about Winter and the holidays such as Christmas and with it, the new year! What I value the most about the winter holiday season is spending time and connecting with my loved ones as we all live such busy lives. Though the holidays are... Continue Reading →

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