Maternity Mama

Hey hey!! How are YOU!? I've been well and pregnant, as well as can be while pregnant hey (sarcasm lol). Lately though, the only things that fit me are maternity clothes haha, unless I manage to find a couple of my old shirts that are stretchy!! The belly has gotten bigger (Yay! So thankful for... Continue Reading →


Must Haves for Every Closet

Clean White T-Shirt Every woman needs that go-to white t- shirt because it's perfect for any season, with any outfit- For work or for play. Here's one from Old Navy, now going for $5!!! 😮😮 And take a look at this shopping list, from Hanes: Black Pant 💁Every girl needs a nice pair... Continue Reading →

NEW Skinny Jean🙋👖

Hey hey!! I went for a beautiful sunny walk in my inexpensive, brand new skinnies from H&M. This pair is a black wash, sort of looks like a really dark grey one in person. I really wanted to wear them with a body suit, but since I haven't bought one yet (I know, I keep... Continue Reading →

Cozy Feels, No Coat

Hey!! How's it going? What's new?! Over the weekend, I did the usual errands,  walked outside with the hubs and my doggy Sparkle, then visited my mom at her new place. Was very exciting to eat and drink tea with her, and to of course, chat- if you don't know, she used to live with... Continue Reading →

Simply Mix & Match

Hello my lovely ❤️ friends, How are you? What's new in the last week since you last visited!? 🙂 My week has been relaxing but ridden with an annoying cold. Today though, the cough and runny nose is slowly disappearing! It's nice to finally be able to feel like myself again lol. Over the weekend, I... Continue Reading →

$9 Tunic Party

Happy Holidays! ☺️🎄 I'm so excited for the family Christmas dinners!! And I'm following it up with a NYE bash with friends, at our place!! I'm ready to celebrate it all lol. How are you!? What's new? Over the weekend, we (my husband and I... Yes I'm married 😛 ) went out to a Christmas... Continue Reading →

Cozy Cape & Dress

Hey hey friends!!! ☺️✌️ Here's a chic yet simple outfit that's cute, and is best for everyday wear! The simple the better right? With my hair up in a cazh pony, I threw on my cozy, greyish-white coloured Community "cape" and loose but fitting same toned shirt-dress. I was going for a casual day-out kind... Continue Reading →

Simple & Classy Find

Can pair an outfit like this one with a statement bag and accessory such as this bangle bracelet. Love the ruffles in the middle and on the sleeves- simple and gives it some flare! Thanks for stopping by! Hope you liked this simple outfit. A sheer black blouse with jeans goes so well together for... Continue Reading →

Wool Bag, Boho Chic

Thanksgiving is a time for family and thanking- to feel and affirm our blessings in everything and everyone in this life. It is also a time to ponder about all the things that we have achieved and continue to do so, as everything is an adventure and lesson. Though I haven't lived for a long... Continue Reading →

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